Medicare Part D Prescription Assistance

Making Medicare Work for You

Prescription Lifeline is proud to announce our new Medicare Part D Advocacy Program

This Membership is available to anyone on Medicare and will not only deliver to you dramatic savings on your Medicare Part D insurance premiums, but could possibly save your life when it comes time to use it. 

We all know Part D is confusing

Election Periods, Cost Sharing, OOP, AEP, SEP, Donut Holes, Step-Down Therapy...


Medicare is complex by itself, but Medicare Part D can be a nightmare for someone who is not a professional.  Even professionals are often caught in the dark in how to help their clients find and use their Part D plan for their maximum benefit. 

Did you know that over 90% of people who have a Medicare Part D plan are not sure if it's the best one available to them... or even what medications it will cover if they need them.  

Many even just buy the cheapest thing, not knowing that it may have huge deductibles or bureaucracy involved if they need medications later.  

The problems Medicare recipients have with Medicare Part D are endless.... but here are the results. 

  1. They pay way too much for the plan
  2. The plan does not cover the medications they need
  3. Even if it does cover your medication, it may require laborious processes (that are difficult to understand and follow) to get the particular medicine your doctor prescribes.
  4. When sick, they have to fight with the insurance company to get help... at the time when you are least able to.
  5. Once you realize you have the wrong plan, they make you wait for up to a year before you can find the right plan for you.
  6. Even then, the insurance companies can change their coverages including the medications they cover in the middle of the year,.... after you are already "locked in."
  7. Many suffer permanent health consequences and even premature death because they didn't get the care they needed... even when it would have been available had they done the right things.  

Medicare Part D is hard.  You need an Expert on your team that will fight for you. 

Prescription Lifeline's Medicare Advocacy Membership will help  you starting now and for the rest of your life.   

Every year and as often as possible, we will help you shop every single Medicare Part D plan from every company for your particular situation.   We will go in depth with you, your medications and other factors to find the absolute best option for you at that point in time.  

For our average client, this benefit alone pays for more than twice the Membership dues for us to do the work.   Yet we are just getting started.

We also stay with you throughout the year, as much as you need us.    

At any point in time, if your medicine is covered, uncovered, you are in the donut hole, you change your medications, you are travelling.... any of hundreds of things that can happen that can be confusing, we'll walk you through all you need to do to keep your medications coming at the lowest prices possible.  

Then of course, there are often life threatening situations where calling us can make all the difference.

Imagine a cancer diagnosis and the drug your oncologist believes can save your life costing over $1,000 per month is not covered by your Part D Plan.   They say it's not in their "formulary."   What do you do?  You call us.  

Every company has processes and procedures that not even your doctor is aware of but can make all the difference.  If you are a Medicare Advocacy Member with Prescription Lifeline,  our experts will go to work for you with just a call. 

Be sure to enroll right away for 2018 before all the spots are taken. 

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