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Good to know:

What does “PAP” mean? Patient Assistance Program.

What is a Patient Assistance Program?  A program sponsored by drug companies, Doctors, patient advocacy organizations and civil groups to provide low-income, uninsured underinsured patients get free or low cost brand-name medication.

Types of Medicare plans:

Medicare Part A- Covers inpatient hospital care

Medicare Part B- Offers help with co-payments and deductibles. Outpatient care, doctor and other medical services.

Medicare Part C- Medicare Advantage Plan, offered by private companies. Same coverage as Med A and B and may also provide Part D drug coverage

Medicare Part D- Prescription Drug Coverage. This is optional with a monthly premium.

Medicare Supplemental-Health insurance sold by private companies to fill in the gaps of the original Medicare Plan.

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  • My ventolin is pretty expensive for one inhaler and I use one inhaler a month. Insurance pays very little.
  • My insurance will not cover Suboxone or Subutex. Would this program possibly cut down the cost significantly? I've used coupons which are basically worthless.
  • Is there help to get brand name Protonix? Other than the $ 70 off card? My prescription plan will not pay for it at all.
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