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Just before Christmas Laura C, a Florida retiree, was diagnosed with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and stomach ulcers. Her physician prescribed Enestro, and seven more generic medications. If she just went to her local pharmacy she’d be out of pocket more than $12,000 a year!

Considering her financial situation (retired in Florida, living off Social Security and Medicare), there was no way Laura, even with the assistance of her daughter, would have been able to afford all her medications.

On December 28 of 2017, 87-year-old Laura asked her daughter Caroline to call Prescription Lifeline in hopes we could help reduce Laura’s prescription medication cost.

After a brief conversation with Rebecca, one of our expert advocates, we found Laura’s medications at much lower prices at various wholesale pharmacies and got her signed up for Enestro’s Prescription Assistance Program.

Prescription Lifeline was able to save Laura over $10,000 in annual medication cost!

If you find yourself, or someone you care about, in a situation where affording your medication may not be possible, please call Prescription Lifeline at (888) 331-1002 or enter your most expensive prescription to the right. 

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