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How To Get Expensive Medications When You Can’t Afford Them The Normal Way


Have you just been prescribed a medication that you just can’t afford?


The rising cost of prescription medication is a serious, nationwide problem in the United States.


An estimated 50 million Americans can not afford the medications prescribed to them by their doctors.


The cost of medication rose 272% from 2008 to 2015 and is estimated to continue to rise for the next 10 years.

Insurance companies have responded by increasing deductibles and premiums, and sometimes by outright removing coverage from certain medications. Many Americans have come to financial ruin when they reach the ever-widening “donut hole”.


The Motley Fool has recommended that Americans save $149,000-$349,000 just to cover lifetime prescription costs. For those on limited income that just isn’t possible!

To make matters worse, Pharmaceutical companies have no legal restrictions on how much they can charge for their medications. They also have no restrictions on how much they can increase prices from year to year. Some companies have increased medication 10 times!

Prescription Lifeline is here to help


Prescription Lifeline is the United States oldest prescription advocacy center, and has been helping people who can’t afford their medication since 2002, that’s over over 15 years! In that time we’ve helped 102,683 people save $500,487,356 in medication costs.


We help people through advocacy services. We help walk people through certain programs that lower prescription medication costs dramatically.


Here is what our members have said about Prescription Lifeline’s service:


"I worked in customer service for 25 years and learned that your company is only as good as the customer service provided to the client. 

I talked with Clarlissa today about my next medication delivery and was totally impressed with the caliber of customer service she provided me. Clarlissa is a top notch agent for your company and should be rewarded in some way." - Vonnie

"I am new to signing up for Medicare and when I called I had more questions than comfort in the system & process. Michael Wasson was excellent. He explained the process very well and resolved all my questions & concerns. It pays to do a bit of homework before calling - but Michael walked me through the steps and options professionally.

When in doubt - reach out to Michael Wasson." - John Burke

"I'm very satisfied with prescription lifeline,and the help I received from Krista and Daniel.They really clearly informed me of all the things I qualified for.Their personalities are very good and they are good at what they do.I which there was more people like them.HATS OFF TO THEM" - Carolyn Byrant

"Robbyn Miller was great and very helpful she would always return my phone calls and I felt like she was very trustworthy helping me with my mother-in-law script Pradaxa which is a very expensive medicine, great costumer service. I think we made the right decision to go with Prescription Lifeline. Thanks Robbyn Miller!" - Anna Holt

"Thank goodness i found out about prescription lifeline. I think it will save me pretty soon once i get my paperwork in order thanks to Lauro I had a program that I was approved for , for 12 months, so I was told. As long as I was on insurance it was true, but, they forgot to tell me when I went on Medicare it no longer would pay because it was government insurance. To make matters worse, they informed me of this 3 days before my prescription was to ship. My copay for my first month is 2800.00 and 400.00 plus after that. Once I can get started my copay will be under 55.00 per month. Once I get started I will write a follow up review. Thank you Lauro and prescription lifeline for your help." - Eugene A. Sharkey

"Layla Lopez willingly went above and beyond to ease the hassle and stress of trying to provide and obtain information to / from my doctor’s office and manufacturer for my insulin this evening.

Thank you for your help and professionalism. I greatly appreciate the help you provided me. 
Thank you for making my life easier Layla!
You are the best!!!" - Apple Baldwin-Florence

"I have had diabetes since December 1980. While I was employed I could afford my medications. In 2010 I went on Medicare and became very enlightened about prescription drug coverage. Medicare supplement plans only cover 8 months of insulin for me. I use 3 to 4 vials of insulin a month. While in the “donut hole” my cost of insulin is $850.00 a month. My wife and I could not afford this on our budget, so I did without. I have had multiple amputations because of doing without insulin. In 2014, while looking for a solution to this problem I happened to find Select Care Benefit Network (PRESCRIPTION LIFELINE). Speaking with Layla Lopez today reminded my wife Jean and I will never have to worry about medication at a price we can afford. We would like to thank everyone at PRESCRIPTION LIFELINE for all you do to help people like me. I tell everybody I know who struggle with prescription drug costs." - Ron

"Prescription Lifeline is exactly what it says....a LIFELINE! This company has helped me for over 5 years to afford my medication and I am so grateful for this program. They are helpful and work with you in every way possible to get your medications you need." - Janet Rye

"The people at Prescription Lifeline have been so great to work with. They are a blessing, helping me get 2 costly medications that work with my body so well, at a price I can afford. One of my medications was lost and Layla went out of her way to fix the situation. I highly recommend them, and already have told my friends as much. Call them today!" - Cyndia Horn-Boesch

"Daniel was my customer service rep. He was exceptional in handling my application for coverage of my prescription. He walked me through on the phone to complete my application. I cannot say enough about his phone skills and patience he has. I would highly recommend your company to anyone. Thank you for having such a wonderful employee handling calls." - Cheryl Bosco Diana

"Daniel, laya, Vanessa, Shante, Ashely and all of the other prescription lifeline staff that assist me in what was a crisis that I were going thru for several days in getting help to pay for a medication that were unaffordable for me but very necessary for saving my life, the prescription line team jumped right into action from making sure when placed on whole that they checked back with you to ensure they were still working out things and any issues that you make have to get them solve before transferring you to another department which will already be informed on all issues concerning your immediate needs, so there's no repeating yourself, making sure you understand everything needing to know and follow ups as well. God I thank you for being the source that provided me with the caring and loving team at prescription line. now I will share their business with everyone I know would need help, God will send them to me and then I will send the to prescription save a life line. Emphasis added in the title of the business name, because they saved the day for me. THANK GOD FOR YOUR CARING HEARTS. more businesses need to follow your example, making life a little easier for them. way to go with love and care team. Thank you Jesus Christ again!!!!!!! Amen." - Sonya Mason

"I have been with Prescription Lifeline for 14 years. They are wonderful, very helpful, they were there when I could not afford the medication that I needed, Today I was able to close my account not needing the medication any more, and Eric was so helpful and pleasant. Thank You, Prescription Lifeline for being there." - Gretchen Tirita

"I have been with your company for over 3 years. Your company has helped me a lot by supplying medicines I wouldn't be able to afford to buy any more. Noel Kanowsky has been very kind and patient person and has helped me with all the paper work processes and with letting me know what I need to do on my end. Noel is also very knowledgeable, pleasant, professional and helpful. She is the kind of employee that any company wants to have!
Thank you everyone and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!" - Josie Sylvester

"GREAT with helping me get started in what I believe is a Great company. Before I agreed to join and did research on goolge and found nothing but 5 stars! after being scammed years ago for $1600.00 I was determined to get ALL the info I could.

With these 2 reps. I feel like I have had a weight taken off of my shoulders and as always I believe God had everything to do with me finding this company.

Thank you Daniel and Palak!!" - Sandy Housley

"My employer recently changed the requirements for health coverage and I became ineligible. About 1000 phone calls later I did find something but the Rx plan wasnt good. I started investigating prescription assistance. I was dreading having to talk to anyone else about health care. But Robbyn Miller made the process totally painless. She immediately put me at ease. She was extremely helpful...and she had a sense of humor! I really appreciated that. Too often in my health care search I felt I was talking to a robot, not a real person.
Thanks Robbyn :)" - Julie Guetterman

"I received my medication just as he said I would. Daniel thank you for going out of the way to make sure that I had everything that I needed. It was a pleasure speaking to you and I know that as long as I have you in my corner that everything will get taken care of. You are such an awesome person. Thank you again and for all that you DO! Team Daniel all the way!!!!!!" - Jovan Rojas

Sending a review for Noel. I suffer from chronic Bronchitis and breathing issues. I was taking Advair and my doctor sent the wrong prescription. Noel was on top of it and made sure my medication was delivered. Thanks will never be enough. She went above and beyond to help me get the right prescription. She is one of a kind !!! My doctor didn't even treat me with the respect and concern she did. I will remember her efforts always. It's not often you meet people like Noel ." - Deborah Emery

"I called Prescription Lifeline today to find out more about what they offer. I spoke with Chelsea Salazar and she helped me fill out the application. She was very friendly and made me feel very comfortable and answering all her questions. It was almost as if she knew me. The application went well and I proceeded to the next step. In my opinion, Chelsea did very well and was a pleasure to speak with. She's very good at what she does and she went above and beyond to make sure all of my questions were answered. It was a pleasure to work with her and I look forward to speaking with her again in the future." - Guadalupe Olgine

"Out of pocket, I would have paid over $1500.00 monthly on the insulins that I take. I have been signed up with Lifeline for two years and only pay $65.00 monthly. Once the new year begins I have them stop monthly payments until I reach my doughnut hole for medicare. I then re-enroll and continue the process through out the year. The customer advocates have been professional and have worked with me positively. My diabetic specialist, has been quite impressed and has referred other patients to their website. I have had a wonderful experience working with this company and would highly recommend their services." - Julie Roberts

"I am having a wonderful experience so far with Prescription Lifeline. I have been paying around 8,000 dollars in copays a year and going broke. I was going to stop my medicine in January which could have been very bad and I clicked on this site and called and they have been nothing but helpful and polite and have made sure they had all my information correct. I called because I had questions filling out the paper work and got someone right away who quickly answered my questions so I can get things back in to them. I am so pleased to have found someone who can help me!" - Martha Thompson

"I have had a great experience so far with "Prescription Lifeline". I, sort of, stumbled upon them while searching for help with the cost of my husband's cancer medication, after mentioning to the rep I was talking with, Tera, that I was suppose to be taking a certain medication and couldn't take it because I couldn't afford the co-pay. She immediately started telling me that they could help me and explaining their program to me; she was very thorough in doing so and made sure that I understood everything and gave me the opportunity to ask any questions. I hope that I can help someone else by informing them that this program exists, and there is help out there for people who can't afford their medications because of rediculously high co-pays. This is a great program and the cost is minimal in comparison to what my co-pay was going to be." - Ailene Westbrooks

"My experience with Prescription Lifeline representatives was an awesome one. Michael and Jasmine made my day. They both went above and beyond to get my prescription cost lowered. Michael Knew exactly what I was going through went I called and explained to him my situation. He took my information and went straight to work. He got back to me with the results that I needed. Jasmine took over to make sure that the rest of the process was all explained to me and that I understood it all. They both took making a difference in my life to heart, and actually did all of the work for me. I recommend this company for all of your medication assistance." - Juliet Holmes


We offer two different advocacy services


Medicare Advocacy, for those covered by Medicare.

[Click here to Apply for Medicare Advocacy]

Prescription Advocacy, for those not covered by Medicare.

[Click here to Apply for Prescription Advocacy]

These programs are only available to those who qualify, and there are limited spots available for our advocacy services.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • How much can I save by being a member?


Our advocacy service saves our average member hundreds a year and often saves our member thousands a year. These savings are possible once you qualify for our service.


  • How are you able to save people so much?


Our advocates have access to over 250 programs that cover 1,000s of medications and are experts at knowing which ones will work best for you.


  • How long will it take for me to get my medication through one of these programs?


Our process takes 4-6 weeks to get medications to you, so please apply before you really need to.

[Click Here to Apply for Prescription Advocacy]


[Click Here to Apply for Medicare Advocacy]

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