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What Can I Do Right Now to Get My Prescriptions?

You’ve had a period of bad health lately and with your new diagnosis comes at least one new prescription. When you go to pick up your new medication, the price is so high, it’s unbelievable. Your symptoms are unbearable, and you really need the medicine but there’s no way you can afford it.

You know there are programs that can help but the programs involve a lot of red tape and it can take weeks to get approved and receive the actual benefits.

All you can think is, “What Can I do RIGHT NOW to get my prescriptions?”

There are a few places that you can turn to in your time of need. Here are some suggestions to get you started.


Drug representatives like to give doctors free samples to encourage them to prescribe their medications more often. You can make use of these samples for a short time. Doctors are happy to give you as many samples as they have.

Remember that physicians will not have enough samples to keep you medicated very long. The best bet is to use the samples while you wait to get into a program or find another way to get medicine long-term.


Many brand name medications have generics that are a fraction of the cost of the original. Do not be afraid to ask your doctor or pharmacist if there are any generics you can take. Many doctors recieve a bonus from pharmacudical companies and are pressured to prescribe expensive, brand name options. Again, do not be afraid to question your doctor and ask for other options.

If your prescription was not written to allow a generic medication, your pharmacist will have to call your doctor to get approval.


There may be another treatment options out there that is just as effective on your particular health condition, but it costs a lot less. To find out, call your doctor’s office and tell them that the medicine they prescribed you is too expensive. Ask if there is a less expensive, alternative treaments that they can prescribe.

There might not be an alternative treatment but it is definitely worth asking!


Get on your favorite search engine and look up things like:

“coupon for (medication name)”


“discount for (medication name)”


There is a chance that you will find a coupon or voucher for free or deeply discounted medication. Sometimes these discounts are good for a year and sometimes they are only good for one month but, either way, it buys you some time to find another way to get your prescription.


If you think that all pharmacies charge the same amount for the same medications, you are wrong. Each pharmacy can set their own prices. It might be worth looking at other local pharmacies or supermarkets with pharmacies to find a lower price.

Some locations that are known for their inexpensive medications: Costco, Walmart and Sam’s Club, Giant Eagle, Price Chopper, Meijer Stores, Publix, Shoprite, Wegmen’s, Schnuck’s, Reasor’s, and others.

A small number of these pharmacies will even give you certain medication for FREE – be sure and ask your pharmacist if this is something you can participate in.


Most of the time, we don’t like to ask for help – it can feel embarrassing. But, if a friend or family member were to ask us for help, we’d be happy to do whatever we could for them.

Your health is more important to your loved ones than it is to you! If you can’t afford the medication that you need, there is undoubtably someone in your life who would be ready and willing to assist you until you can get some sort of permanent solution.

If you are a member of a religious organization, you can also turn to them. Many places of worship have a crisis fund or benevolence fund that is there to help people in your kind of situation. Speak to your worship leader and see if you can get assistance.


Most of the advice we’ve shared with you are short-term solutions. The long-term solutions will take more time to show results, but they will be a much better benefit to you.

If your doctor prescribes a medication for you that you can’t afford and there is no reasonably-priced alternative, you should definitely look into a patient assistance program.

Patient assistance programs (sometimes called prescription assistance programs) give free medication to people who apply for the program and qualify. The qualifications usually include questions about your household income and what, if any, insurance you might have.

While all the programs are different, the majority have a length of one year. That means you will not have to worry about how you are going to afford your medicine for a whole year!

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

There are downsides to patient assistance programs. They are complicated and not always open about their rules and expectations. It can be tough to coordinate with your doctor’s office to make sure that your refills are being ordered on time. It’s not always possible to have your medicine mailed to your home so you might have to pick your prescription up at your doctor’s office.

But, even with the red tape, patient assistance programs are the best way to get the medicine you need for free.

Since each program is different from the next, if you have more than one prescription in more than one patient assistance program, you will probably start to struggle with the paperwork and the dates. In this case, it’s a good idea to look into an advocate.


Prescription advocates are people who work with the patient assistance programs, the doctor’s offices, and the patient to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

Advocates know how to the patient assistance programs work and how to get the best possible results.

They look over the paperwork and financial documents to make sure that there aren’t any errors that would get an application denied.

Advocates keep detailed notes about their conversations and their decisions.

They keep track of refill dates and reapplication dates, so patients like you don’t have to go without medication.


If you are looking at all this information and feeling overwhelmed, you might be relieved to hear that you don’t have to go it alone! There are prescription and Medicare advocates at Prescription Lifeline just waiting to help you.

Prescription Lifeline has 15 years of experience dealing with patient assistance programs and Medicare. They have an army of advocates and special software created to make helping people faster, easier, and more accurate than ever.

If you need help getting enrolled in a patient assistance program, Prescription Lifeline can assist you! Apply to Prescription Lifeline at Apply to Prescription Lifeline by Clicking Here! Or call and speak to a patient advocate at 1-888-331-1002. Whether you need help with prescriptions or you’re just curious about getting the best price for your Medicare coverage, Prescription Lifeline is here to help.



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