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The questions Prescription Lifeline get the most are:

“What do you actually do?”

“How do you do it all?”

Well, the inner workings of an advocacy office are a lot like a bustling beehive. Everybody has a specific job to do and everyone is busy!

New Member Enrollment

At Prescription Lifeline, we have a department dedicated to each stage of a member’s needs.

The first department a member comes in contact with is Member Enrollment. This department reaches out to the people who have requested information online or those who are calling in with enrollment questions. The Member Enrollment advocates ask a lot of questions to ensure that each member is eligible for the programs that will most help them.


Medicare Team

A portion of this department takes a hard look at the Medicare coverage of each person. They look for smarter plans, ones that have better coverage for less money. Depending on where a person lives and their unique situation, it’s possible for Prescription Lifeline to save them around $800 a year.


Welcome Call

Another team in this department talks to the new members about exactly what to expect from Prescription Lifeline. This is called the Welcome Call. They go over the paperwork, the timeline, and the financial documents. All of this will be sent in writing as well, but they like to make sure they take the time to answer questions and clear up any misunderstandings.


Member Services

After that, the Member Services team kicks into gear. Within the same day as the initial conversation, Member Services sends out all of the paperwork. This includes the information that were discussed over the phone. If any calls need to be made to patient assistance programs or an insurance company or anyone else or if something can be completed online, Prescription Lifeline’s Member Services will do that immediately.


All That Paperwork!

Another team within Member Services receives all the incoming mail. They carefully examine each document for errors, then scan them into our system. If anything is missing or incorrect, the Member Services team immediately calls the member and alerts them. If everything meets their exacting standards, they send the paperwork out to the program.


On The Phone

Communication with patient assistance programs is key. Prescription Lifeline is always in contact with the programs to order refills, request information, or learn about new policies. Prescription Lifeline advocates know that sometimes you have to talk to the right person and ask the right questions to get results.

Communication with Prescription Lifeline is easy. Whenever members call in, a polite, knowledgeable advocate is ready to assist them. Every conversation is documented and recorded so that no matter which advocate answers the phone, they will know exactly what’s going on.

In fact, all of the Prescription Lifeline advocates work under one roof with no partitions. They constantly communicate with one another over member files. Even though they are in different departments, every advocate understands the patient assistance program process and they often cross-train in other areas to broaden their knowledge.

Throughout their enrollment in the patient assistance program, members need to do very little. Most non-controlled-substance refills can be ordered without the member having to do a thing. Members don’t even have to keep track of when it’s time to re-apply. Prescription Lifeline keeps track of all of the important dates and paperwork that goes along with it.


That’s what Prescription Lifeline does, in a nutshell.


How Does Prescription Lifeline Do So Much?

How does Prescription Lifeline do it all? By having the best people on staff. The prescription advocates and Medicare advocates at Prescription Lifeline show up everyday, ready to help people. They work by Prescription Lifeline’s 5 Core Beliefs: 

  1. It’s all about the member

  2. Changing people’s lives

  3. It begins with you

  4. Empathy first - every member, every time

  5. When they can’t - we can

 With those core beliefs, every decision made at Prescription Lifeline is centered on how it benefits the members. That’s what being an advocate is.

Contact Prescription Lifeline at or call and speak to a patient advocate at 1-888-331-1002. Whether you need help with prescriptions or you’re just curious about getting the best price for your Medicare coverage, Prescription Lifeline is here to help.

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