Patient Assistance Programs and Medicare Part D Prescription Assistance

Finally, there is help for those who cannot afford their prescription medications.

If you cannot afford your Prescription Medication, are uninsured, or just concerned you're paying too much with your Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, we can help you.  

Prescription Lifeline is a ONE STOP SHOP for:

  • Patient Assistance (Free Medicine) Programs from over 150 Companies
  • Long Term Patient Advocacy
  • Medicare Part D Assistance and Advocacy.  Find and use the best plan for you from thousands of options.  
  • Direct to Consumer Wholesale Pricing
  • Local Pharmacy Discounts at over 55,000 pharmacies

If it's about accessing or affording your prescriptions, you can find it here at Prescription Lifeline.

Find out how much you can save.  Call (888) 331-1002 to speak with a Patient Advocate today

Alternatively, you can get started online by entering your State or most expensive medication on the upper right hand corner of this page to find out how much you can save.  

 Who We Are

We are Patient Advocates. We work for you. By being separate from the pharmaceutical and insurance companies, the pharmacies and the healthcare practitioners, we are able to be on your side, combining expertise in working with all aspects of healthcare and offering you access to all systems at the lowest cost available to you personally.

 Who We Are Not

We are not an insurance company. We are not a pharmacy. We simply help you work with and find the lowest cost options for your prescription drugs from all options available while standing by your side every step of the way.

Our Results

Since 2002, we have helped over 100,000 members save over $500,000,000 on their prescription drugs.    

We are a one stop shop for all of your prescription medication needs.  If you are uninsured, underinsured or on Medicare and confused about finding and using the best Medicare Part D Plan, we can help you. 

 How Does It Work

Simply sign up online or call us to see exactly how much you are able to save.  The call and consultation are free.   After finding out how much you can save,  you will be able to choose the membership level that's best for you.  This allows us to work as your ongoing advocate for at a cost that is a mere fraction of what we will save you.    

When you are sick, or confused (and who isn't when it comes to all this stuff) isn't it good to know that you will have a single place to call to find your best options?  

Not only can we always find great options for how to save money on your prescriptions, but as a member, we will always be on your side and will fight for you if any situations arrive where you need professional advocacy or guidance. We're always just a phone call away and ready to go to work for you.  

What We do for our Members: 

  • Find affordable solutions for your medications through Patient Assistance Programs, local pharmacies, wholesale and mail order pharmacies.
  • Help you find and use the right insurance plans including Medicare Part D Plans
  • Help you find the best use of your insurance plan, including donut hole issues, finding the best in and out of network solutions
  • Appeal negative decisions by the insurance and/ or pharmaceutical companies, in a way that they are most likely to approve
  • ...much, much more... just call us

No matter your situation, with Prescription Lifeline in your corner, you will be able to make sure you actually get the medicine your doctor (not your insurance company) would like you to take... and for the lowest costs possible. 

Call today to see how we save our average member over $2,000 per year... even after paying us to do the expert work and advocacy they need.    

So we can better serve you, please have your prescriptions and current insurance (or lack thereof) information available. 

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